Rachel and I doing ugly faces. Introducing the selfie stick, one friend at a time. Rachel’s new album comes out soon! I’ve heard a preview and it’s awesome!!!!

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這個姿勢還可以嗎 ?
never know how to pose

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今天在廚房清潔找到24歲的重來沒打開過的麻油!瓶子上面寫1990製造!這瓶麻油年紀比我朋友芳語還大!不可思議。這麼舊的麻油還可以喝嗎?我是喜歡復古的東西但這次可能算了。Was cleaning my kitchen cupboard when I found this 24 year old unopened bottle of sesame oil. Bottled in 1990, this sesame oil is older than my friend Kimberley, lol. Do you think it’s still good? I do like vintage things but if might have to let this one go.

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The Lion, the Witch, and the Dish Drier.

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Happy weekend everybody!

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台灣最好吃的餡餅在哪裡?宜家家居不錯但相信有更好的。ikea porkies aren’t bad. Where are the best places to eat them in Taipei?

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對,今晚手上的東西有點太多!大家晚安,下禮拜我會再帶來烏克麗麗!tonight’s show was a handful, lol. Goodnight everyone! Selfie stick is back and next week there will be more ukelele too!

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Universal Beats 即將開始!www.icrt.com.tw 今晚的照片好忙。有愛心,有蠟燭,有烏克麗麗,還有自拍神器!Tonight’s show brought to you by a Malaysian heart and candle, a ukelele, and the selfie stick!

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Cold noodles everyday. I could never get tired of eating them. Where’s your favorite cold noodle place? (at 玲玲涼麵)

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Good afternoon to ya

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